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 Dear Partners, Colleagues and Friends:  be the 1st to see our new A-type controller at INTERLIFT 2015: HALL 5, BOOTH 5212 13th- 16th October Messe ... Read more

 When pit or headroom are too low and do not provide enough safety space according to EN81-1, EN81-2 safety measures must be undertaken in order to ensure safe use of lift by its passengers ... Read more

Below you can find a short description for correct ordering of SEC elevator models:  


Tethys up to 630 kg

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Why is choosing SEC to produce your elevator the right decision:


  • SEC elevator company with its own production is based in Slovenia-EU. We are proud to say all our products have EU origin and follow high quality standards.
  • One of our comparative advantages is the ability to produce any nonstandard lift based on your specific requirements, taking into account all your wishes.
  • SEC elevators can be completely adaptable when it comes to cabin/car and door finish.
  • SEC is very successful in fitting new lifts into already existing shafts which requires a close cooperation with SEC R&D department and in-house knowhow.
  • SEC elevators are known to have very long life expectancy when properly maintained, due to high quality components and strict standards.
  • You will be able to enjoy a peaceful and comfortable ride in SEC elevator.
  • Go Green with SEC elevators, which have up to 50% lower energy consumption.
  • SEC is characterized by highly sophisticated customer service and ability to work hand in hand with technical department
  • SEC is characterized with the ability to work on tight deadlines.
  • We stick to your strict delivery deadlines to enable you to get your lift in due time.
  • SEC puts a lot of emphasis on training technical staff which is why we offer individual trainings for your tech. staff to be able to make your work as smooth as possible.
  • You can always contact us, we will be happy to assist you.
  • We are continuously innovating and finding new solutions to your specific requirements.